Executive Search Support

The motive of BreakPoint is to give the clients both support and flexibility as they make decisions around talent acquisition. Many companies have cyclical hiring needs and can’t always employ permanent staff to meet these needs. BreakPoint not only brings in relief to handle volume but also ensures the quality of search isn’t watered down due to lack of qualified resources.

Attracting and hiring talent is becoming increasingly complex.

BreakPoint Solves

BreakPoint gives the internal talent acquisition team flexibility, creativity and cost-efficiency.

breakpoint talent solutions

Executive Sourcing Packages

BreakPoint’s Executive Talent Sourcing is divided into 5 categories. The client has, at any point, the choice at to upgrade to the next level and get support in closing the search.


Low cost, high quality candidate identification and qualification against specific job specifications to enable in-house team to accelerate the hiring process. Not available via executive search firms and greater value than lists of loosely vetted names by overstretched existing research firms


Extension of the Long list process to deliver 3-6 qualified & interested candidates for immediate client interview. A fraction of the cost and delivered at greater speed than global search firms. Research firms lack the experienced staff to deliver effectively.

Talent Support

Flexible suite of solutions customized to client needs, including pipeline sourcing, executive talent/competitor market mapping, or reference checking. Solutions delivered at poor quality from current research firms which lack expertise.

External Search

The option to convert a project into a full search with qualified consultants, to support the limited capacity of in-house teams. A flexible search progression not available to clients today and well beyond the capability of research firms.

DEI Solutions

Specific diversity market mapping, talent pipeline development and a targeted diversity Longlist/Shortlist/Search service, driven by qualified diversity researchers & consultants. A much-needed solution to which existing firms pay lip service.

Cost breakdown and fee structure available upon request.

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The BreakPoint Promise for COVID-19

Though we all thought we were living with a healthy expectation for unpredictability, COVID-19 stunned us with exponentially more. We designed BreakPoint Talent Solutions from a place of deep understanding for the challenges you face in a tightening talent market against the backdrop of an unpredictable world. COVID-19 has validated the enormous need for solutions with the agility for future unpredictability.